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Models / Dex Rivera

Dex Rivera Vital Stats:
Age:  22
Fun Fact:  Has a big, round bubblebutt that barely fits in his jeans

Dex is a hot straight boy with a beautiful face and amazing ass. Dex agreed to a paddling, but seemed not to know what that would entail. Regardless, he got naked for Tom and submitted to a hard male-on-male spanking. Before coming to us, Dex had never been spanked by a man.
Dex Rivera Updates

Dex in the Spanking Tower Part 2
Dex Rivera
Dex’s turn in the spanking tower continues. It’s already been a long hard spanking, and it’s only going to get longer and harder! Tom uses a riding crop on Dex’s butt and feet, and then a large leather belt on his butt. Dex is only due 20 with the belt, but he loses count twice, which means...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Hispanic, Restraints

Dex in the Spanking Tower
Dex Rivera
Dex is a straight 23-year-old college student with a great face and body. His butt alone qualifies him to do spanking videos, but the rest of him looks great, too. Tom hadn’t seen Dex in a while when he contacted Tom to do another video. Tom decided it was time for Dex to experience the embarrassment...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Hispanic, Military

Dex Upside Down
Dex Rivera
Dex, a 22-year-old straight military boy, is back for what will prove to be his hardest spanking yet. At the end, he tells Tom he’d rather go through any of the spankings he’s already received rather than do this one over. This video opens with Dex sitting on the floor in a pair of tighty whities...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Hispanic, Military

Dex Suspended
Dex Rivera
Dex is a 22-year-old straight military boy with a cute face and a great butt. He wanted to do another video, and Tom already knew he wanted Dex’s next spanking to include suspension bondage. Dex showed up in a pair of khaki pants that fit his butt nicely. He’s also wearing a pair of blue-and-pink...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Hispanic, Military

Dex on the Cross
Dex Rivera
Dex is a soft-spoken young Latino man with a beautiful face and a bubble butt. He’s back for another spanking, but he didn’t know it would involve bondage. He quickly finds himself lashed to Tom’s bondage cross in a pair of white briefs. Dex looks great standing spread-eagle on the cross, though...

Tags: Bondage, Bubble Butt, Caning, Hispanic

Dex Over the Knee
Dex Rivera
Dex is a shy straight boy with a round bubble butt. Tom didn’t think Dex would come back after his first video. He seemed quiet and withdrawn after his first spanking, but it turns out Dex is just a man of few words. It’s hard to get a read on someone as quiet as Dex. It was for that reason that...

Tags: Bubble Butt, Hispanic, OTK

Dex's First Spanking
Dex Rivera
First Contact Video! Dex is a hot 22-year-old straight boy with a cute face and a big, round bubblebutt. Before today, he had never been touched by a man, including never having been spanked by a man. Almost from the moment he arrived, Tom thought that Dex might not have understood that he was to...

Tags: Bubble Butt, Caning, First Contact Video, Hispanic